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Date: 19 Jan 2021

Time: 7:30 pm

Region: National

Venue: Virtual

CVM Big Takeaway

You and your men’s group are invited to join us for a BIG TAKEAWAY.

Grab some food, sit back, and take in some great talks from our team of speakers from the comfort and safety of your own home



  • Takeaway meal of your choice
  • Usual banter with Beechy & Blackers
  • Join with men from across the UK
  • Four short talks from:
    • Andy Kind
    • Jonathan Sherwin
    • Shabazz Graham 
    • Sam Milchem
  • An informative and engaging evening!




Guest Speakers

Sam Milchem

Sam grew up in Essex, and now living in Norfolk. He's part of the staff team at SOUL Church Norwich currently working as Age Group Pastor. He's passionate about seeing peoples lives changed by the good news of Jesus Christ.




Jonathan Sherwin

Jonathan heads up CVM's Demolition Squad. After spending 5 years working with YWAM around the world Jonathan returned to the UK, joined the CVM team, studied at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, started a business, and became director of the eCommerce agency Bathcomms. Jonathan co-authored The Ultimate Survival Guide and blogs at He is married to Helen and lives near Bath.

But Does It Make Sense?

In 2020 reports told us that people were turning to God in prayer in large numbers, to help them through the challenges presented by Coronavirus. But is there actually any credible evidence to support belief in God, or is this merely a comfortable delusion - a soothing idea that can’t really be taken seriously?
Jonathan looks at the arguments for the Christian faith in light of the global events of last year and presents a case for hope in Christ for 2021 and beyond.


Shabazz Graham

Shabazz is a husband, father and filmmaker who also loves making music. After spending 25 years in the film and TV industry he now works to see social change in the areas of so-called ‘race’ and ‘racism’, by using his creativity and strategic thinking to contribute to the discussions we are all having with one another, about how we can create harmony between different cultures, ethnicities and communities.

Empathy; the cure for so-called Racism

Why is it that we, who had no choice as to what colour skin we were born with, can hate people who also had no choice as to what colour skin they were born with? What makes us hate, and lack so much empathy? Is this 'natural' hate uncle Darwin’s ‘survival of the 'fiercest'’? Or is it indisputable evidence of the Bible’s claim that everyone born is born sinful and raised imperfectly?
Shabazz will discuss why only empathy and compassion can heal the deep wounds of society's skin colour hatred, and prevent further damage in the future.


Andy Kind

Andy is a preacher and comedian based in Chesterfield. Before the pandemic he used to travel the country; now he travels the living room and has got really good at Zoom.

Is Religion brainwashing?

Andy Kind dives into the whole issue, asking what we mean by religion, how the mind works, and wonders whether in fact giving your brain a wash might be a good idea.


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