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The Armed Forces' Christian Union

The Military in some ways is the ultimate male environment, and we have developed strong links with AFCU , working together on resources (Greater Love) and providing opportunities for serving military personnel to attend events taking into account the specific challenges of military life on the ability to book in advance!


We are working with Care to explore ways in which we can collaborate effectively to highlight in Westminster injustices where men are involved such as the pornography industry.

Christian Golf Society 

CVM are joining with the Christian Golf Society (CGS) to encourage more Churches than ever before to stage outreach Golf days. Cup Co-ordinator Mark Blythe says: "Golf is a great sport for outreach, it's a simple way to spend quality time with non Christian friends. Church golf days could be just a four-ball or a big event with a meal and speaker, we are called to do something and it doesn't matter how large or small."

Christian Police Association 

The CPA is a national charity which is recognised as a staff support network for Christians in the Police,and as such we striveto support all officers and staff who are at the core of the modern day police service. Their mission is to be a National Voice for Christians in Policing, to encourage and support Christians in the Police Service, to communicate in words and action the truth, message and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to colleagues and the communities we serve and to build bridges between the Christian community and the Police.


We are working with compassion to see 1000 children lifted out of poverty and also to raise awareness re ways that men can get involved. We have recently worked together on a church pack for Father's Day. Speak up and stand with us today!

Covenant Eye

Loads of blokes struggle with what they look at on the internet, we have hooked up with Covenant Eyes to encourage blokes to get together with a mate to use accountably software to ensure safe web surfing.

Please note that you get a month free by connecting with covenant eyes through us...


Engage's vision is to make singleness or marriage a genuine choice for all Christian women and men, through a church which is gender-balanced and teaches about healthy Christian singleness, dating and marriage.

Faith Within Fitness

We are pleased to team up with Faith within Fitness and we will be seeing more from this new partnership very soon!


Frontiers' focus is on living amongst Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Jesus' love known. They can help you and your men's group in making contact with Muslim men in the UK.

Global Adventure

Men thrive on a challenge and our links with Global Adventure are there to provide an outlet for the more adventurous side of life that many men are looking for! We are working together on the Code Unleashed events


We are working with HOPE to resource the church for the WW1 centenary as part of the 'Greater Love' project, particularly as we celebrate 100 years since the end of the war in 2018

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships carry out a phenomenal work across the globe, we are privileged to work with them and our hope is that we can get some guys out on the ship and use their skills in a new way!

CVM are delighted to be partnering with Mercy Ships in the amazing work that they are doing. This is a great chance for you to do something incredible and have an completely new experience whilst using your time and skills to help.

Mercy Ships need our help with some really practical stuff, so if you’re a plumber, electrician and skilled labourer then a job awaits you. There is a range of options available to you whether it’s two weeks working in a dry-dock maintenance team in Gran Canaria or three months or more in Africa!

The Message Trust

The Message Trust are a worldwide movement with a passion to share Jesus Christ with the hardest-to-reach young people, through creative mission, community transformation and Christ-centred enterprise. In Schools their creative arts mission teams relevantly share the gospel of Jesus through music, dance and theatre, seeing thousands of young people make decisions to live for Christ every year. In local communities they focus on the most deprived neighbourhoods, Eden sends urban missionaries to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. In prisons they help young people find Jesus in prison and assist with housing and jobs through our Message Enterprise Centre, breaking the spiral of youth reoffending and saving the taxpayer millions.

Mission Direct

Mission Direct enables people like you to make a practical and lasting difference to the lives of the world's poorest people. You do it on a two week overseas trip where you will help to build or decorate a house, classroom or clinic. To join a trip as a dad with your kids see Epic Adventure

Naked Truth Prayer

Porn is one of the most corrosive and destructive forces out there for blokes. We support wholeheartedly the work of Naked Truth in praying against the whole industry, and seeking to help and support men who are trying to break free from its grip.

New Wine

CVM and New Wine have hosted many joint men's days in key cities across the country, including Northern Ireland. Hugely successful, they provide a great opportunity to reach blokes with the message of what it means to be a Christian man in the 21st century!


Sadly many men still think its OK to beat up women (physically and mentally). We encourage groups and individuals to support the work of Restored in campaigning and resourcing the Church to stand up against violence to women, affecting individuals behaviour and attitudes along with practical action when necessary.

Sorted Magazine 

The only Christian men's magazine worth a read … getting Jesus into the High Street. Carl Beech and Nathan Blackaby are a regular contributors and we have a unique subscription offer when you support CVM with a monthly gift. Editor Steve Legg is a regular part of the team at CVM events right across the country.

Who Let The Dads Out?

WLTDO provides a great mission opportunity with guys who don't normally go to Church. We are working with each other to encourage Church groups to have a joined up approach to their local outreach using WLTDO as part of their overall strategy and plan! (We love strategies and plans here at CVM).


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