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The Manual, Bible Notes for Men

Written by Carl Beech, published by CWR, available to order now.

Be led into a deeper faith and a closer walk with God

This powerful series of Bible notes for men is written by Carl Beech who heads up CVM, together with two different 'guest' contributors in each volume.

TV survival celebrity Bear Grylls has commended the Manual and encouraged Christian men in the UK to get on board. He said: "The Manual is powerful personal and relevant - it has helped me a lot to live my faith day by day"

Each book contains 60 days of readings, notes and prayers leading men of all ages into a deeper faith and a closer walk with God.

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The Manual 1 Paperback

Power, Pleasure, Poker and Pork Pies by Carl Beech (with Andy Frost and MAF Pilot Bryan Pill)


The Manual 2 Paperback

Fighters, Keepers, Losers, Reapers by Carl Beech (with Roy Crowne and Alex Wilmott


The Manual 3 Paperback

Son, See, Surf, by Carl Beech (with Andy Cozens and Ben the Drumer)


The Manual 4 Paperback

Attitude, Gratitude, Proper Food by Carl Beech (with Matt Bird and Carl's mate Steve)

£5 (+P&P)



£5 (+P&P)

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£5 (+P&P)

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£5 (+P&P)

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The Manual 5 Paperback

Shooting, Rooting, Booting by Carl Beech (with Ben Harding and Jack the Lifeguard)


The Manual 6 Paperback

Sowing, Growing, Knowing by Carl Beech (with Mark Greenwood and CVM Chairman Ian)


Alternatively you can buy it from:


£5 (+P&P)

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£5 (+P&P)

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