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Christian Vision for Men

4 Level Evangelism

A 21st Century Challenge

We can't give you all of our thinking from 20 years experience in a few lines, so here's just a few facts to get you going:

  • Today in the UK, men take on average five years to come to Christ from the point of first hearing the Gospel
  • Billy Graham argues that 80% of those who came to Christ during his missions were brought along by a friend
  • Billy Graham also says that men need to hear the Gospel about 30 times before they commit their lives to Jesus

We believe that the CVM strategy could be a key to changing the nation for Jesus.

The spiritual make-up of this country has changed dramatically during the last 15 years. At CVM we believe that evangelism to men needs to be long term, persistent, where friendship is a priority.


CVM's Four-Level Evangelism Explained ...

Level 1:


The starting point for engaging with men should be events or activities with zero 'Christian' content. At these events/activities, believing and not-yet-believing men should meet together for a fun, friendship and banter. For instance, 5-aside football, fishing, go-karting, paintballing, DIY projects, skittles nights, pub quiz…or how about hiring a coach to go and watch a big match together? Use your imagination and cram in the laughter!

Level 2:


Progressing from the first stage should be natural. We suggest hosting an event with a good Christian speaker. Think breakfast, dinner, fish 'n' chip supper or whatever is available in your area. Tap into CVM's Speakers List for a pick of over 180 speakers for men.

Level 3:


The next phase should be a course for men to chew the fat and debate the Gospel. We don't recommend any particular course ... there are some excellent ones out there from Alpha to Christianity Explored. We'd advise making this a men only course for the blokes who have already been sharing life together at level one and two events. Don't be too strict on meeting on exactly the same day every week, but make allowances for busy schedules and personal commitments.

Level 4:

L4 Church

The aim of all our efforts is to see men discipled in the ways of Jesus. Men need to be integrated into a church that can support, challenge and encourage men in their faith. The aim is to see men plugged into a community that keeps them gripped and excited with the message of Jesus. CVM has loads of ideas and strategies to help gear your church up.


Why not contact the CVM office to get a member of the team to chat with you about our strategies in more detail? If you would like to partner with us, visit the 'Partner's Area' on the website. Being a CVM partner means standing shoulder to shoulder with our band of brothers who are reaching men with the message of Jesus all across the UK.


More Tips 

4 Level Outreach
  • Men will be drawn to food and fun
  • Pace yourselves...plan your outreach program over the year
  • Rarity has value
  • Work the programme so that your guests are asking for the next event
  • Do not be disheartened if things don't go to plan. You have the tools to affect those around you, and we can help sharpen your efforts
  • Get in touch!


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