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Man Prayer


Written by Carl Beech.

Many of us struggle with prayer and yet the Bible is stuffed full of passionate prayers, breakthroughs and incredible encounters with God. Was all that something that used to happen in the Bible but now we're left on our own? No. God's very much still alive and kicking – and Carl Beech walks us through some of the real-life, gut-wrenching, painstaking, all-out weird encounters with God in his own life, in this day and age, all across the world. God is moving now. He never stopped moving. But how do we make time in our busy modern lives to invite God to work and not let prayer become a chore, but recognise it as the most powerful thing we can do?


"I wrote this book out of my own struggles, breakthroughs, triumphs and disasters in the hope that it would help us blokes to really dig into prayer..."
Carl Beech, CVM President



You can currently purchase Man Prayer via CWR or Amazon.


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