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The Manual SERIES


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Getting new believers going in the Christian faith

Written by Nathan and Carl Beech, published by CWR, available to order now.

The Manual Starter Pack is made up of 4 books. Each book is an introduction to the important building blocks in the life of any Christian; The Bible, The Church and Prayer with a fourth book giving a general overview of the Christian faith.

At CVM, our main aim is to introduce men to Jesus and we’re constantly working on events and resources to share the Gospel with not-yet-believing men or are equipping you to do so.

We also want to see new Christians grow in their faith, become even more active in their men’s groups and an integral part of their local church. The Manual Starter Pack for new believers will help and resource men who have made that initial step to follow Jesus.


The Manual Starter Pack (4 books): £10 (+P&P)

Individual Books: £3 (+P&P)

The Manual You 2.0 (for New Christians) Paperback

Getting You Started with God, the Bible, and Faith by Carl Beech


The Bible Paperback

This book is not a dry theological tome, but a fresh and relevant way of looking at the Bible for men who may have read it cover-to-cover or may have never picked it up for themselves before.


The Church Paperback

This book doesn’t aim to be a theological masterpiece or a history lesson. It is designed to answer a few of those questions about the church you might have.


Prayer Paperback

This book will help men discover a life of prayer – using the example of the Psalms in expressing the stuff that really matters.

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£3 (+P&P)

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We launched some daily readings on the Bible app (YouVersion) aimed at men with little or no Christian faith. They’re collectively called ‘How Stuff Works’.

The ‘How Stuff Works’ daily readings are for those men who have never picked up a Bible (to read), who haven’t really prayed before and don’t go to church, except for the odd funeral or wedding.

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Bible reading notes for men.



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