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Posted date: 24 Nov 2012

New Wine Day

The day’s events kicked off at 10:15 with Mark Melluish, Carl Beech and the worship team. Carl couldn’t resist a cheeky sales pitch for the new Manual 3 & 4. For the third time in a row the worship team did a fantastic job of bringing the day to life. 

Mark then spoke, on Standing Together. His focus was on the analogy of a band of brothers. He said, we need to be united in the stand against the world. He also spoke about find your identity in Christ, he explained this with a video of a ventriloquist. Mark said sometimes we don’t know who we are being directed by. We don’t know who or what is shaping us but God is the one who shapes and molds us. This has really helped me in my faith and a few of the blokes who I got to speak to.



After a vital tea and coffee ‘pit stop’, Anthony Delaney spoke about when you look back at the path you have taken in life and you realise where you are and you think how did I end up here. Just like when you follow a satnav and it leaves you in the middle of nowhere. He spoke from a lot of life experience and one thing he said really stuck to me. All of our decisions effect our final destination, so what road are you going down.

After lunch we had a choice of three seminars to go to. The first was Steve Martin, Southern Director of CVM, speaking on marriage. Steve drew on all his 28 years experience in the Navy to speak on the challenges of separation and bringing up children with a parent in the Armed Forces. Not forgetting the temptations of a life at sea and how to overcome them.

The next seminar was Carl on Winning Men, yet another cracking seminar on how to introduce men to Jesus and how to make you church a more bloke-friendly place. Of course there was a barrel of laughs and a bucket load of banter, as with all Carl’s talks.

The third seminar was Ian Dighe speaking on the Sovereignty of God. He looked at what God is doing and what He wants us to do about. There was then an open time for testimonies. All the stories were really encouraging to everyone in the seminar.

We then had our last pit stop and Carl got up to talk about Ehud. He mentioned how we need to be Ehudic and be prepared when the time comes to follow what God is asking you to do. When Ehud got to Gilgal he was so angry that he said enough is enough and stood his ground against the fat king. This always reminds me of the scene in Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf shouts out “You shall not pass!” We need to have this same strength to stand our ground and say no to the enemy!!


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