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Posted date: 22 Oct 2012

Cover it up

Back in January we brought you news of the 'Make Modesty Wraps Law' campaign, well it's still going, and still needs your support.

Supermarkets and newsagents across the country are displaying soft porn magazines, such as 'lads mags' in full view of everyone, including our children!

So we want to make it law for such magazines to be displayed in 'modesty wraps' so that the bare breasts are not on show to the unsuspecting eyes of the shopper.

Please support the campaign:

  1. Sign the petition at
  2. Like the Modesty Wraps Facebook page
  3. Follow @modestywraps on Twitter (and tweet it using #nakemodestywrapslaw)
  4. Get your friends, family, co-workers, church members, social club members ... in fact pretty much EVERYONE to sign the petition

We need to make sellers of these magazines aware that we're no longer happy for them to push pictures of naked women and bare breasts to our children.

Many individual voices make a loud NOISE ... so let's force a change for our kids.



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