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Posted date: 29 Nov 2023

The Mates MOT

Guys, we know that you will all likely have men in your groups and in your orbit that are struggling. We are in challenging times, and we are aware that men need support and ‘spotters.’ Guys who see this stuff, read the signs and have the discernment and wisdom to journey together on a variety of issues in life.

We have put together a very quick ‘Mates MOT.’

It’s a simple checklist for you to reflect on, and our hope is that it just helps tune your radar to really hear the men around you, and if stuff is spiralling for them with their mental health, we have some links and connections you can make to help.

We are not mental health experts, we are simply reflecting on this from experience, and importantly just raising questions and awareness. We also will keep flagging the importance and impact of prayer in all this stuff, it really does change things.



Mates MOT


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