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Posted date: 20 Apr 2012

Father's Day - Sorted!

50 copies of the latest cracking edition to give away.

Just perfect for special outreach events, Father's Day, men's breakfasts, sports events or just any time you want to spoil a bunch of blokes.
We're talking £175 worth of magazines for just £50 post paid*.

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You know it makes sense!

sorted-chucknorris.jpgIn the latest issue …
Mark Wahlberg
Fame and fortune are shining ­on Mark Wahlberg, but he still has his feet firmly on the ground. His priorities are honouring God and spending time with his family – as well as remembering his roots by helping young people in the community in which he grew up.

Beech Boys: Rowing Ocean A
Taking father-son time to the extreme, Norman and James Beech have successfully rowed an ocean and cycled the length of a country. They battled pain, exhaustion and epic weather conditions but managed to stay focused (and good friends) throughout.

The father’s love
Focusing on Father’s Day, Mark Melluish explores what it means to be a good father and encourages dads to encourage, listen to and have fun with their kids.

Killer comedy
The comedy circuit can be tough, but Tony Vino loves making people laugh. His Christian faith has enabled him to deal with the loneliness and the need for approbation it sometimes brings.

How to lose weight and motivate people
Obesity is on the rise in the UK and it can have a profound effect on the lives of those who suffer from it. Mike Jones’ story is a moving one and shows how determination and resolve can revolutionise a father’s life.

Chuck Norris
Even at the age of 72, Chuck Norris is a formidable man of action. From humble beginnings he became an international film star and a powerful speaker. Thank goodness he had a praying mother!

*Offer is for UK orders and addresses only.


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