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Posted date: 15 Mar 2012

Nick Clegg gets 'The Code'

We visited 10 Downing Street this month. 

To mark the celebration of International Women’s Day, Restored (Ending Violence Against Women) and CVM were delighted to hear Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg addressing the serious problem of violence against women in the UK.

Restored and CVM became official partners last year in a bid to inspire men and women to stand up against domestic violence. A national survey carried out in April 2010 showed that more than two women were killed every week in the UK by current or ex-partners. The research also showed that one in four women would experience domestic violence in their lifetime in this country.

The Code faith order, which was launched last year, saw thousands of men sign up to living out their Christian faith in a more public manner. Coinciding with the vision of Restored, Code VIII says: “I will treat all men and women as brothers and sisters” whilst Code X says: “I will use my strength to protect the weak and stand against the abuse of power.”

Mandy Marshall, Co-Director Restored, handed Mr Clegg a CVM Code credit card, which includes the twelve points of faith, during a meeting last week. She said: “I was really pleased to hear Nick Clegg state that violence against women was a men and women's issue. He agreed with us that it needs men to join in with women to end this despicable onslaught on women. Having given him two bars of fair-trade chocolate, some Restored ‘firstmanstanding’ beer mats and a copy of the Codelife card, Nick promised he would share them with David Cameron. It was excellent to hear two leading men stand up and break the silence around violence against women. It was also fantastic to hear the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister asking men to get involved in ending violence against women in the UK.”

Rev Carl Beech, CVM General Director, said: “Our partnership and work with Restored strikes at the heart of a major injustice, namely violence against women globally. Our work based around 'The Code' is one way we are seeking to make an impact and so we were delighted that Mandy was able to give Nick Clegg one of the cards with 'The Code' printed on it. We plan to send him the book as well!”

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