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Posted date: 5 Dec 2017


Quiggers is your everyday, salt of the earth kind of guy. He was perfectly happy with his lot in life – wonderful wife, a couple of beautiful daughters and, whilst far from his dream of being a soldier, his job in the local supermarket paid enough for him to make ends meet. In 2007 his wife, Emma, started to go to church and whilst Quiggers had nothing against it, the whole Jesus thing wasn’t for him. Despite this he struck up an unlikely friendship with a man from the church. ‘JP’ never forced Jesus on Quiggers, but neither did he shy away from inviting him to the occasional beer call, Full English or jaunt to the local paintball centre – and who could resist offers of saturated fat or the chance to shoot your mate in the head? 


In early 2014 Quiggers’ life fell apart. An old football injury stopped his application to the Army and he started to hate his job. On top of this, Emma had been ill for several years and, whilst she was getting better, it all became too much for Quiggers. In February 2014 he made the worst decision of his life and walked out on Emma and his two young girls. 
I hated myself for it,” he said, “but I just couldn’t cope”. He started drinking to numb the pain which made his relationships with Emma and the girls worse and led him further into despair and the bottle. It all culminated when he turned up to work drunk, got into an argument with a customer over the fish counter and was fired. JP, who had been walking with Quiggers throughout this, told him that he had to get away for the weekend and invited him to the CVM Gathering. 

By his own admission, Quiggers can’t explain what happened when he got there; “I went to register but found myself walking straight past the desk to the bookstall and using my beer money to buy a Code Bible and set of You 2.0 Bible notes!” On Saturday 21st of June 2014, Quiggers responded to a call to follow Jesus. 

When he got home he immediately got plugged into a CVM men’s group in a local church which gave him the support he needed to beat the booze and start patching things up with Emma. 
It was a rocky few months” he told us, but he was determined to be the man that Jesus was calling him to be. On the 24th of December, after the girls had gone to bed, Quiggers went home; and, on Christmas morning the girls woke up to find the best present they could have ever hoped for – daddy was home. 

Quiggers’ story doesn’t end there. He continues to strive to be the man he was created to be and his wife Emma, cannot believe the difference; “He’s a completely changed man,’ she said, ‘it’s not that he didn’t love us before but it’s just so obvious now – he’s a more attentive father and a more considerate husband”. He was baptised in 2015 and after seeking how and where God could use him, has recently begun a career in the Prison Service so he can take Jesus into the cell block. 

At CVM, this year we have seen hundreds of men just like Quiggers introduced to the good news of Jesus and respond to it in faith, we’ve also seen loads of men reigniting their faith and journey as Christian men again. As our grass roots movement continues to gather momentum across the country we are seeing lives changed all the time. We continue to grow with more men’s groups, more strategic partnerships and more people like you envisioned, and equipped to take the Gospel to your mates. 

There are still thousands of guys like Quiggers out there, and your support can help us to introduce them to Christ so that He can transform their lives too. As we build on this and move into 2018 we’d love you to partner with us so we can get the Gospel into men’s hands and introduce them to Jesus. 


If you’re already supporting CVM with a regular gift, thank you! If you’re not, or you want the opportunity to see even more lives changed, please prayerfully consider supporting our mission to take the Gospel to more people like Quiggers and see whole families changed in Jesus’ name! 

£25 a month could enable us to send out our brand new 4-pack, Manual 2.0 series to new believers just like Quiggers! 

£10 a month could enable us to put our updated Crazy Way Gospel booklets into the hands of 600 not-yet-believing men every year. 

£5 a month could resource and train our CVM Area Coordinators, allowing them to grow local men’s ministries in towns and cities near you! 

Choose one of these or another amount to support CVM with, here

If you can’t commit to regular giving you can still partner with us – every one-off gift, no matter how small, helps us to mobilise our team and resource you to take the Crazy Way vision and material to men like Quiggers in every corner of the UK! 

Thank you for continuing to stand with us and for your generosity to the vision and work of CVM. 



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