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Posted date: 22 Jan 2016


Look at this great ‘High Five’ idea for getting Sorted Magazine out there into the hands of men.

Sorted Magazine has been voted the world's most wholesome men's magazine. It’s a fantastic high quality bi-monthly publication for men and is packed with ‘A-lister’ interviews, gadgets, movie reviews, sport and articles and stories from the perspective of God’s Kingdom. It’s a brilliant resource for men’s events and great to pass on to your mates who are ‘not yet Christians’.

Sorted costs £4.50 with an annual subscription available for £21 pa

High Five Idea…
There’s now a brilliant way for you to share in getting Sorted out to those who need its man-sized Gospel.  And it will hardly cost you a penny.

Just become one of Sorted’s High Fivers. Here’s how it works:

  1. You lob £5 each month to Sorted through your bank – yep, just a fiver. 
  2. Six times a year you receive five copies of Sorted – face value £4.50 each. 
  3. Sell two of them to mates or in your church – and you have almost all your money back.
  4. Put the other three copies – yours for free – to good work. Give them to someone at work or a neighbour, leave them in doctors’ or dentist’s surgeries, or the barbers. Or wherever.


It’s a brilliant idea – and you’ll be doing something significant to help men meet Jesus and grow to be like him.

More information here

Sign up for Sorted’s High Five initiative here






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