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Posted date: 8 Feb 2016


We’re launching a Father & Child Overseas Mission Trip. When you get a chance, check out this 5 min information video. It explains a bit more about the trip, why CVM & Mission Direct are running this project and the benefits of dads taking their children**.
There’s also a quick interview with a grandfather, father and son who all went out on a similar trip.

Epic adventure...for dads and their kids

Travel together - Adventure together - Change lives together.

CVM have teamed up with Mission Direct to offer dads* the chance to get involved in overseas mission work with the unique feature of being able to take their children** with them. The trip takes place in Zambia in the last 2 weeks in August 2016 where ongoing building projects for the benefit some of the poorest children in Lusaka, will take place.

There’s also opportunities, through ministry, to interact directly with all ages of their in the community including some of the children, making this project one that is very suitable for adults and their kids to participate in.

Traveling out on mission with one or more of your children can be a significant milestone in the lives of all involved:
- It forges a great environment for Dad and kid bonding
- It’s an evangelistic experience if child (or even father) is a non believer.
- It works as a ‘Real World’ reality check for ‘comfortable’ kids and adults.
- It demonstrates practical mission to your kids as a way for them to follow.
- It creates vision and passion, from a young age, for very needy lives and communities.

During the trip there will be enough time off to enjoy some ‘Classic Africa’ experiences, including a safari and a visit to the magnificent Victoria Falls. 

Cost £1,750, including flights, accommodation, food, insurance, visas, transport.

Detailed information found at 

Watch information video here

* Dads, granddads, uncles etc
** Children age 7+


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