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Posted date: 10 Jul 2014


Cambodia, along with Thailand, Vietnam, India and Brazil, is a country with an incredibly high child sex tourism and human trafficking rate.

CVM Cambodia are working with Cambodia Action to support project Stop it Together, if you want to know more please continue reading...


Some British nationals travel abroad to commit heinous crimes...Some British nationals are human traffickers and child sex tourists.

Child sex tourists and human traffickers exploit the vulnerable in countries where they think they can commit these crimes with impunity. They target the poor, uneducated and otherwise vulnerable. Tricked, coerced or held by force, these victims - including children - experience horrific abuse.

Some of these child sex tourists and human traffickers are from the United Kingdom. We owe it to their victims to hold them accountable here in the UK. The UK has extraterritorial laws which allow for these criminals to be held accountable here in the UK for their sexual crimes abroad. The UK has a responsibility to ensure that its citizens are not travelling abroad to exploit children.

But these laws are only effective and criminals stopped if they are enforced.

Tell the government that Child Sex Tourism and Human Trafficking Need to Stop. And We Will STOP IT TOGETHER






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