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Posted date: 19 Aug 2013

'All Male' Week

 This week on the Threads blog, Carl Beech is guest editor with a selection of 'all male' articles.

Threads is aimed at 20-30 somethings and is run by the Evangelical Alliance.


Here are this week's articles:


'Real Men Don't Drink Fruit Tea'Carl Beech kicks off his all-male guest editor week with a challenge to all of us to realise that we are all deeper and more complex than might appear on the surface.


'Comedy Identity: Making Peace With The Church Circuit'. Andy Kind writes, "I left New Wine feeling like the week had been the absolute highlight of my career. And if you’d told me that nine years ago, I would probably have cried."


'Why The Media's Male Stereotyping Isn't That Big A Deal'. Jonathan Sherwin wites, "Role models aren’t only found within scripted scenes squeezed into 20 minutes of screen time."



'20th Century Boy, 21st Century Man'. Dave Griffiths writes, "Worried about Jesus ‘being your girlfriend’? It’s worse than that – he’s your bridegroom, bro!"



'Eco Homo: The Path Of Male Greatness'. To round off our ‘male takeover’ week, Ben Harding asks where true manhood lies … 



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