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Zoltan Vegel: Director, CVM Serbia

Zoltan Vegel

Zoli went to a Brethren church as a child with his family. He was taught about God and introduced to the Bible. In his teenage years he rejected the idea that God is found through Christianity as he'd seen power struggles between Christians, and God seemed harsh, and boring in Christianity.

However he was still interested in God, so he began to search Eastern philosophies. In his search he came across Calvary Chapel, and was fascinated by what they taught about Jesus and fulfilled prophecies. Over time he realised that God can be found through Christianity, although some Christians do misrepresent him.

Zoli started attending a Bible Study, and one evening a particular speaker was teaching about Jesus. The man had been married for 40 years, and explained that this was because of God's faithfulness to him and his wife. Zoli realised that this man had something that he wanted. So he spoke to the man, and a few weeks later asked Jesus to forgive him, and to be his Lord and Saviour.

In 2010 Zoli took over the leadership of Sombor Christian Fellowship. Sombor is some 40 miles west of Subotica, Serbia with about 48,000 people. It is the administrative capital of its province in North East Serbia but has declined steadily over the last 15 years with a high level of poverty and depression.

Zoli is committed to men's ministry because he sees men as the doorway to the rest of society. He is married to Tania and has 2 daughters.

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