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Tony Francis: Tendring

Tony Francis

I have been passionate for the church since very early childhood. Personal tragedy at the crucial age of 13, in the loss of my father to suicide, caused a rebellious metamorphism. Sex, drugs and rock and roll overwhelmed a search for identity.

My decline was self-evident and to create some sense in life, I joined the police at twenty. Marriage and four children ensued, but the demon drink and childhood damage pre-dispositioned a re-emergence to sin and directly lead to severe mental health issues. Career, home and relationships were lost or stolen. A resultant suicide, by huge over dose, was in a sense, inevitable….

By the grace of God, I emerged from the grave and some five years later, a clear Holy Spirit transition commenced leading to an entire renewal of my mind in Christ Jesus.

My boyhood tragedy, in the loss of my father, and my resultant destructive and addictive personality, have made me passionate to see Holy Spirit transformation in the lives of men. I consider I carry the Elijah anointing of Malachi 4.6, turning hearts in father/son relationships to enable the love of Abba Father to be revealed.

My testimony is built on a firm biblical foundation. I have discovered truths in The Word which explain the causes of my mental illness and give God’s truth as to the reasons for my total recovery from alcoholism, other addictions and ‘institutionalised’ mental health problems.

I have faced the depths of tragedy in recent years. In 2015 I lost a grandchild, my surrogate father and my wife, Sally. My health has been affected, but God has used all these things to empower me to serve Him in a new strength.

The Christian life for men is such an adventure. I have tales and testimony of outrageous supernatural transition and events. I have evidence of the most amazing God experiences, and even in the apparent mundane, such as career changes, a revealing God’s purposes for my life.

The childhood passion for the church remains. I consider that I have a ‘tent maker’ ministry and fearlessly thread Gospel living into all and every aspect of my life. I am active in men’s ministry and have a God given gift to bring about church unity. I mentor many men at varying ages, stages and pages in their lives. I work on the premise in mentoring that:

‘…of the best leaders they said….’we did it ourselves’

My home town of Harwich is my Nineveh. I had a clear calling back here three years ago from a very successful ministry in Colchester. Harwich is a huge and glorious challenge.

I rest in this phrase in the burdens I carry to see Gods Kingdom increase;

‘ …I preach the Gospel where ever I go, sometimes I use words!’

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