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Suneel Shivdasani: International Coordinator / Ministry Specialist / Area Co-ordinator for Sutton (S. London)

Suneel Shivdasani

Suneel grew up in London as a Hindu, and did a search for God a number of years ago – he didn't want God to say to him one day: "You've never even looked!". Around that time, he came across a story of an orphan that wanted to meet his parents, and realised that he too wanted to know God personally, rather than just as a "nice idea".

He has worked in various sectors professionally, including working on an Advisory Committee for Ofcom for a number of years, as well as working in the Inter-Faith sector with South Asian Concern where he ran training courses to help churches understand engage with their local South Asian community.

He has contributed to various publications including: "Notes for the Journey: following Jesus, staying South Asian", and South Asian Concern's Spiritual Discovery Course, "Masala".

He is married to Susan and they have a son.

Suneel is CVM's International Co-ordinator, keeping in touch with groups overseas that want to develop their men's ministry, as well as being a resource for ministry amongst Asians in the UK, and the Area Co-ordinator for Sutton (S. London).

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