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Stuart Cookson: Redhill

Stuart Cookson

Born and bred in Northumberland, Stuart has lived for the past 20 years in Redhill, Surrey with wife Melanie and their three children.

Apart from a few years at Sunday School as a child, Stuart had never really been into church - until, in 2003, he and his wife started to attend their local church (Holy Trinity, Redhill) in order to have their eldest two children baptised, and have been attending ever since.

After some years of battling against the pull of God, Stuart finally gave his life to Christ in September 2008 following an acute episode of depression, which forced him to realise just how much he needed and wanted God in his life.

With a good friend, Lee, he started a Men's Ministry team at Holy Trinity around three years ago. Regular events have included breakfasts, curry nights, socials and successful 'WLTDO?' breakfasts.

It was at The Gathering 2014 that Stuart realised just how vital the work of CVM was for men around the world and just how much he knew he wanted to be part of the CVM team and it's vision.

In his spare time he enjoys cycling, walking, socialising with friends, and watching Charlton Athletic with his son Harry.

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