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Stephen Lamb: Jersey

Stephen Lamb

Nick names: Lamb Chops, the Laminator, Lambrini and many others.

Bravest moments: Jumping out of a plane (with an instructor and parachute), travelling to Ghana as a teen (where I ate field rat and fufu) and proposing to my girlfriend (now wife).

Lives: In the beautiful island of Jersey

Born: 1983 in the city of Leeds

Favourite Hobby: Graffiti art (legal stuff), painting walls, trainers, cars etc

Favourite food: Got to be curry.

What's this Jesus thing about? It seems strange to claim to follow a man who claimed to be God and can't be seen. However, choosing to trust Jesus isn't just something I've found to change my life for the better- there's also plenty of evidence that shows that he died and was brought back to life. Sounds crazy? Well it is crazy! It's crazy that God would send his son into this world to die for people who mostly reject him. It's crazy that he loves each of us and has a plan and purpose for our lives- but millions of people have found this to be crazily true.

Why join with CVM? Because the vision of CVM is to connect men with the plans that Jesus has for their lives, to live a life of adventure, love, sacrifice and purpose, both now and for eternity. CVM is about living out a life of faith, through the everyday highs and lows, and doing so alongside others.

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