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Hi are you an LJAS like me? Do you Love Jesus and Sport? There are hundreds of us that God has given a love of sport to and there are so many different sports and different ways to be involved. We could play seriously or for fun, be an official, a supporter or just like watching our kids play or sport on television. So if God gave us this passion, how ‘should’ we behave and what should we do with it?

Sports Ministry is a fast growing form of reaching people for Christ using ones passion. It’s simple and effective and teaching in this area is growing at Lewis Hamilton pace after a slow start. Naturally CVM are at the forefront and we have a range of opportunities to help you harness your passion for sport and use it to help grow the Kingdom.

Love Golf? CVM support the National Church Golf Cup, take a friend to the Finals Day and represent your church. Stage a golf day and take your winners to the event in Oxfordshire in August or just go along as a pair and hear a gospel message after having a great day’s golf. The Christian Golf Society run the day but you can contact for more info.

What’s your sport? Others who love the same sport and/or live in the same area as you would like to link up for mutual support and encouragement. If you love sport and Jesus then please do email me what you do and love to help others and be encouraged yourself. Contact Mark

The Sport at the CVM Gathering in a field near Swindon this June is growing again in variety and intensity! The 3rd 5-a-side comp will be expanded from last year and the specialists, Ambassadors Football, will be supporting us again. The 5km run/race on Saturday morning is now established and very popular, don’t forget to bring your gear, board games, table football, volleyball, speed measuring football shots, golf chipping – there will be many organised comps so make sure you are booked in and start practicing now!

What is the fastest growing and also the slowest form of football in the UK? Yes it's Walking Football! Older men are coming back to footy in their hundreds as they play no running, no contact football. 50plus year olds are rolling back the years and enjoying the bloke banter again after years of no football and sometimes no exercise. Contact Mark to find out how you can be part of this phenomenon.

Love football? Ambassadors Football have a weekend for 11-a-side Church teams from all over the country in Shropshire and a London based 6-a-side tournament. Contact Mark for more info

Parkruns are taking over the world! A new free 5km parkrun starts every week, yes true. The extraordinary growth of this brilliant concept is being utilised by Churches around the country. Some folks volunteer each week, others have started jogging or walking groups. You can push a buggy take a dog, go fast or slow over a measured 5km course at 9am every Saturday morning. Checkout, sign up for free and make CVM your choice of running club (we are already listed) then purchase a CVM running top from and wear it to invite people to ask you what CVM stands for!

Do make contact if you'd like to discuss sports ministry, it's a great way to come alongside guys and lead them to Jesus in a non-confrontational way.

Mark Blythe


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