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Shane Hughes: Ipswich

Shane Hughes

I was born in America to a hard working British father and American mother. Belief of the Christian GOD was in our family, but faith and actions weren’t. During my first 13 years of life we moved a fair bit before my parents divorced and I went to live with my dad. As such, I found it hard to attach myself to people.  At the age of 18 I joined the U.S. Navy and for the next 12 years I simply lived a day to day existence. I had no real plans or goals and as such, I was always in debt, always making bad choices with women and essentially living with very few constraints.

After spending time working at the Embassy in London, I transferred back to the U.S. where I felt led to start going to church. I can only describe the feeling then as an urge to “scratch an itch” as if something was seriously lacking and I needed to fill it. Drink, material possessions and a very poor relationship was not satisfying and remembering my parents and to be fair my own somewhat diluted faith, brought me to the realisation that there must be more to this life.

The church I attended was exactly where GOD wanted me to be and I was introduced to a minister whose faith astounded me and made me want to live as he lived. He represented everything I thought a person of faith should have and he was in my mind a “real man”. I say this as he could strip an engine on a car, build a house and gut a deer while maintaining dignity, holding doors open for women, and encouraging you to aspire simply by walking with you.

After a short tour in Afghanistan, I left the military and moved to Ipswich, Suffolk where I joined my current church became a deacon and started a Men’s Ministry. I am married to Lydia and have a 4 year old girl (Annabelle) and 2 year old twins (boy - Rowan and girl - Ffion) I am a serving Police Officer and also a Deputy for the Christian Police Association for Suffolk.

Personally, I have never had a “Damascus road” encounter with GOD. I have my simple faith in which each day I get up and choose whom I will follow. My every decision is an act of choice… do I do this for GOD or for myself….will this result in MY glory or GOD’s. It’s the day to day grind that I think we need to prepare ourselves for, the little battles which at the time seem insignificant but can have far reaching ramifications to how we share the Gospel. As someone who is an ex-serviceman, one of the things I have learned is that the enemy will not attack you when you are on the battlefield, he will wait until you are all alone, tired, worn out and think that this little decision you make today won’t really matter in the future.

“Rust doesn’t attack metal with trumpets blaring and pitched battle lines, it creeps up unaware in the dead of night, finding its way past the sentries of lazy cleaning and oiling. It never rests, never gives up and will never waste an opportunity to take hold. And once it is there it can only be removed by cutting deep into the metal, going below the surface. Once this is done however, you expose the metal to further attacks. And it is at this juncture where you must choose to put all your effort to protect the metal, or risk a further and greater attack”.


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