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Richard Hatt: Pulborough

Richard Hatt

I was born in March 1940 in Maidstone Kent and briefly evacuated with my Mother and 2 older brothers to Merthyr Tydfil. My father served in the REME in Tank training and support and In June 1944 the camp in Charring Kent where he was base was hit by a V1 and he was killed.

In 1954 my mother was taken ill for a second time with cancer and she died a few months later in February 1955. Having already had to leave home and leaving school at Easter 1955, my family felt it would give me a new life and opportunity if I was to go on a £5 assisted passage to Australia. After a couple of years in the Bush and feeling rather lonely I one day, while milking cows, started to sing "Thou didst leave thy throne and thy Kingly Crown" - - - which finishes "O come to my Heart Lord Jesus, There is room in my heart for Thee." at which point I had my head on the biggest cow in the heard, crying my eyes out and knew I was never going to be alone again.

He, Jesus, one way or another guided me back to England and provided for me. After I had been back in England for 10 years I married and had 2 lovely daughters. When they were 6 and 3 respectively my wife left me and left the girls with me so I had to cease working to be a full time dad. 3 years later I met my current wife, who had left her abusive husband and took her son and daughter with her eventually coming to live with me. A year later, while working in a school for boys with social and behavioural problems as a houseparent, one of the Teachers, in conversation with me, told me of the Lord and I made my commitment to Him. Within weeks my then partner made her commitment and we knew we had to get married.

I have supported my family as a self employed gardener, and at various times been a commercial salesman, warehouse manager and general dogs body. Now, over 30 years later, with 4 wonderful grown up children and 4 even lovelier grand children I am privileged,and feel that my children are a credit to my wife and me.

I have 1 abiding, affirming, memory of my Dad and several stories. I've met many other boys and men who have grown up without masculine guidance and influence, this is why I joined CVM and started Time Out 4 Dads, now associated with Who Let the Dads Out. I am eager to see these Ministries achieve their vision and to be a part of it. I enjoy most sports especially when I am being a couch potato and it is pouring outside.

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