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Posted date: 5 Jan 2024

Every Day Carry

Living out an authentic and real relationship with Jesus is amazing, and here at CVM we want to keep you fuelled up and on the sharp edge of faith and evangelism.  

We know that keeping our hearts focused on Jesus and His mission to seek and save the lost can be a wild adventure so we have put together the EDC, Every Day Carry.  Getting yourself in front of the bible each day, reading it and talking to Jesus is not just a good idea, it's THE essential rhythm and order for life to not just survive but advance.  

Tac Comms EDC supports the CODE, a 12-point CODE for men looking to know Jesus and share their faith in a powerful way. It consists of 12 books, each book exploring the life of 12 men in the Bible with 28 Daily reflections per book.   You can start at any time in the year, the books are not numbered.

Looking for a discount? Buy one for you and one for your mate for £20 or buy 5 for a group (all posted to one address) for £45.




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