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Posted date: 21 Apr 2021

Engage Webinar

Join national experts Engage, along with CVM, Care for the Family, Jesus House, New Wine, Single Friendly Church, Youth for Christ and World Prayer Centre for this webinar aimed at church leaders and others involved in the issues.

Overall, there are 2 men: 3 women in the church, and mostly a 1:2 ratio among single people. This creates major issues for men, women, children and young people, singleness, dating, marriage, parenting and youthwork.

This is for you if you want our churches to:
•    Understand how the imbalance of men and women is affecting your family, friends and congregations
•    Reach and disciple men more effectively
•    More fully include single people 
•    Understand women’s experiences of the imbalance
•    De-mystify dating and relationships for adults
•    Strengthen marriages, including where one partner isn’t a Christian
•    Help parents and youthworkers to help young people do dating and relationships well

Come and hear from about the practical solutions and how to make them a positive reality across all our congregations.

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