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Posted date: 2 Apr 2019


Nathan and Carl get stuck into ‘The Power of Stuff’ in the latest Codelife podcast.


If you don’t yet subscribe to The Codelife Podcast hosted by CVM’s Nathan Blackaby (CEO) and Carl Beech (President), now’s the time to get onboard.

Check out this 1min 30sec video about what’s coming up.

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Codelife Podcasts...

In these podcasts, based around CVM’s ‘The Code’, Nathan and Carl take us on a journey through the ‘stuff’ that we encounter as men. Looking at subjects like; fear, courage, health, money, addictions, faith, evangelism, justice and more.
Videos of each podcast are available YouTube.

One subject they’ll tackle in the next few weeks is the question of online retailer, Amazon. Are they one of the ‘four beasts’?


The Codelife Podcast is available every other Monday.

Subscribe or find out more about the CVM Codelife Podcast here



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