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Posted date: 4 Feb 2019


Last year saw the introduction of CVM in the parkrun results stats for the first time.


Participants had the choice to choose 'Christian Vision for Men' as their running club and then see our name in the results each week. The parkrun phenomenon keeps on growing, free 5km run/jog/walks at 9am every Saturday morning all over the UK and the world now. It gives great opportunities to make new friends and to serve by being part of the marshaling team.

CVM had 40 runners across the UK, 36 guys and 4 ladies. They ran in 62 different parkruns and a total of 457 runs, that’s 2,285km!


Neil Lee did the most with 40 runs closely followed by Andrew Wrath and Mark Wade with 38 each. Mark Wade was the busiest parkrun Tourist completing 8 different events. Morey Andrews with 7 and Mark Blewitt with 6 were close behind.


So come on and join the in the fun. Walk, jog, run, direct runners, help a visually impaired runner, give out finish tokens there are lots of helpful jobs if you don’t fancy participating. It’s a great free way to spend time with your not-yet-believing mates and to make new friends.


Report by Mark Blythe, CVM Sports Consultant

Some 2018 CVM parkrun stats:

40 Parkrunners who registered to run with CVM as their club

36 Men & 4 Women

62 Different parkruns had a CVM runner in their results stats

457 Results sheets included 'Christian Vision for Men' against the 40 parkrunners

40 parkruns were completed by Neil Lee

38 parkruns completed by Andrew Wrath & Mark Wade

8 Different parkruns were run by Mark Wade

7 Different parkruns were run by Morey Andrews

6 Different parkruns were run by Mark Blewitt

138 Runs completed in the South West

112 Runs completed in the East Midlands

49 Runs completed in the North West


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