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Posted date: 1 Nov 2019


Announcing a new book by Engage who are a national network of Christian organisations, including CVM, working to promote positive relationships in the UK church and make Christian marriage possible.


“This is a vital subject and a key resource…share it around the team.”
Steve Clifford (General Director, Evangelical Alliance)


If there are fewer Christian men than women, how does that affect you, your family and your church?

Today’s church gender imbalance has serious consequences for us all, whether we’re aware of them or not.

7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men’ is a unique handbook for church leaders and other Christians. It blends research, theology and very practical approaches and looks at how to lead a gender balanced church supporting healthy singleness, dating, marriage and youth.


CVM’s Nathan Blackaby has co-edited the book with Annabel Clarke (Chartered Psychologist, Co-Chair of The Engage Network and lead contributor/editor). Both have also contributed to the subjects covered too.


Subjects and contributors include:

  • 'Men’s ministry’Nathan Blackaby (CEO of Christian Vision for Men) 
  • Strengthening marriages and families’: Harry Benson (Research Director, Marriage Foundation) 
  • 'Singleness’: Revd Kate Wharton (Vicar of St Bart’s Church, Roby and Assistant National Leader for New Wine)
  • 'Dating and relationships’: Annabel Clarke (Chartered Psychologist, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of ENGAGE)
  • ‘Marriage’: David and Liz Percival (Directors of 2-in-2-1)
  • 'Parenting and discipleship around young people’s dating and relationships’: Paula Pridham (Executive Director of Care for the Family)
  • ‘Youth work and discipleship around young people’s dating and relationships’: Laura Hancock (Director of Resources, British Youth for Christ
  • ‘The vital work of Engage’: Revd Dr Adrian Chatfield (Fellow of Ridley Hall Theological College, Cambridge)


Each chapter gives very practical ideas and supporting resources to bring positive change for individuals, local churches and the national church (e.g. theological colleges, denominations, conferences, and leaders’ networks).





  • Hope
  • Global Adventure
  • Care
  • Restored
  • New Wine
  • Who Let The Dads Out?
  • Sorted
  • Armed Forces Christian Union
  • Naked Truth Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Faith within Fitness
  • Christian Golf Society
  • Mercy Ships
  • Frontiers
  • Engage
  • Mission Direct
  • Christian Police Association
  • The Message Trust