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Posted date: 3 Dec 2018


At the start of this year, 7 young men in the care system in Exeter, knew very little about the hope we have in God through Jesus.

Tim Wells and his team from the YMCA Exeter, where the men were staying, brought them to The Gathering. Something amazing happened!


Tim Takes up the story...

“We’d taken residents away to Christian festivals in the past few years but this was the first time we headed to The Gathering and despite the group having little to no Christian influence in their childhood and teenage years, the trip was truly AMAZING!

All the guys we brought were keen to find out more about God, and desperate to learn more about the Bible. Over the weekend, five of them decided to become Christians. God was very evidently at work.

 So many of our guys just didn’t feel good enough to be part of God’s family. However, it was the stories from some of the men at The Gathering, of God changing lives, that enabled them to accept the love of Jesus. Men who had been in deeper holes and had been redeemed. This event has been a huge blessing.”



The story doesn’t end there, Tim’s colleague Adam shared with us how they are continuing to work with the guys using CVM’s core resource, ‘The Code’. Each week they are looking at a chapter which is impacting staff members as well as the young men they are working with.


At CVM, we’ve been blown away by what Jesus has done in the lives of loads of the men we’ve met this year. The story from the guys in Exeter is one of many salvation stories we’ve heard about that are a direct result of Christian men building relationships with their friends and then inviting them to one of our events. We’ve seen believers in Jesus strengthened in their walk and focus through those same events and through resources such as ‘The Code’, to name one.


Moving into 2019, we continue to rely on your support to build on this momentum and reach more men with the good news of Jesus Christ. We have plans for more life changing events and resources including an exciting development of ‘The Code’ range.

We’re asking everyone to support our Christmas Appeal this year so we can blast into 2019.

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of the people who partner with us in giving monthly. CVM relies on local grassroots support for most of its income.


What your support can do...

  • For a donation of £75 to CVM, we can offer a free place at The Gathering 2019 to someone who can’t afford it.
  • For £50 we can supply four new believers with our Manual Starter Pack. A set of books introducing the Christian faith, prayer, the Bible and church to men like the guys in Exeter.
  • £20 donation can supply a complete display pack of the Crazy Way postcards to even more churches, men’s groups and individuals to share the gospel with men.

Give a one-off donation to the work of CVM.


You can also support CVM with a regular monthly gift.



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