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Posted date: 22 Nov 2018


A year’s worth of group study material for your men’s group.


A few years ago, we launched the book '52 Men of the Bible' by Carl Beech, that delves deeper into the lives of some well-known and also some not-so-prominent men in the Scriptures.


We know a lot of you not only bought the book to read, but also to use as group study material. However, for those of you who are yet to get the book or have only read it, we wanted you to know that we’ve just made available some accompanying studies to help use 52 Men of the Bible* as a resource to study.


Sign-up for the FREE 52 Men of the Bible studies here


If you meet every week to study, you’ll have a whole year’s worth of free material. If, on the other hand, you have slightly bigger gaps in between men’s group study times, then the 52 Men studies will ‘kit you up’ for the foreseeable future.


Let’s get the Christian men in your church/men’s group and the guys you’re journeying with, looking at some of the lives of men who’ve gone before us.

And looking into God’s Word too!


Find out more about 52 Men of the Bible book and downloadable studies here


*Previously issued as ‘Spadework’ in 2007, but updated with new content through popular demand.


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