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Posted date: 12 Jun 2018


We always have a great selection of classic/cool cars on display at The Gathering. Do you have one you could bring?

The Gathering 2018 is nearly here and we are still adding even more great things to the line-up for the biggest men’s Christian festival in the UK. Your mates will love it!

There’s still some space so if you have not secured your place yet, BOOK NOW

Car display...

Every year a number of our punters bring a cool/classic car or bike to put on display. Come and view our vehicle display or even bring one! Carl Beech reckons it’s a “massive part of The Gathering.”

If you have a cool/classic/retro/unusual car or motorbike and you want to bring it along for our annual outdoor vehicle display, simply book you place at TG18 and bring your mean machine along.

Book or find more info on The Gathering 2018 here


If you intend to display a motorbike, you will need to provide your own paddock (bike) stand as the display is on grass. 


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