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Posted date: 11 Jun 2018


From 22-24 June men will boldly go where loads of men have gone before.


This year The Gathering 2018 is going to be out of this world... literally! Because we’re taking our (not-so-serious) space theme and making our Saturday night ‘costume’ a space movies/TV theme.


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Don’t worry if you don’t ‘do costumes’ or have never been to The Gathering before, it’s only a bit of fun that no-one has to take part in, but is just a good laugh.

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending on your own or with some mates, there are tons of space TV/movie ideas out there to inspire you;
Star WarsDr WhoInterstellarBattlestar GalacticaBlake’s 7... the list goes on. So, whether you’re the Last Jedi or Last StarfighterArmstrong or AnakinLightyear or Aldrin...
... GrootGort or Gordon (Flash), the possibilities are endless.


You could even come as the crew from the USS Enterprise, though you may have to draw straws for whoever has to dress as Lieutenant Uhura. However, if you chose to come as the Clingons, please keep it in good taste.


Don’t forget, this is in addition to a load of other great stuff:
Battle-Zone Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, comedy, live music, wrestling, zip-wire, axe throwing, inspiring real life stories, bar, 8-metre stunt bag, sword fighting workshops, quad bikes, early morning Bible study, Gospel ministry, pub quiz, bare knuckle boxing workshops, chess tournament, worship, bar games, walking football, men’s ministry resources, massive inflatables, The Prayer Shed, car display, 5-a-side football and much more!!


We ought to point out, though, that keeping a distance of 10 metres from the nearest person to create your own space theme, isn’t exactly in keeping with the feel of the weekend.


The Gathering 2018

“Near Swindon in a field, it is.”

Fri 22 - Sun 24 June 2018

Cost: £116

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