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Posted date: 6 Apr 2018


CVM has been a part of many men’s lives for nearly 30 years. We started off with a small tour around several UK cities to explore how we might reach out to men with Gospel. Ever since then, CVM has stayed true to its aims of being an evangelistic movement and has seen thousands of men both commit their lives to Christ and become determined to live wholeheartedly for him. 

Way back in 1994 Carl Beech was one of the guys whose lives was impacted through a church tour and pretty much ever since he has been involved in some way. After initially joining the board and then joining the staff team he spent a decade in leadership at CVM. More recently he rejoined the board as President. After much prayer and conversation, the board and the senior team unanimously felt it was right for Carl to give much more of his time to the ministry. And so, true to CVM form, a big step of faith was taken by all of us to go for it!  


So, we’re massively excited to announce that Carl has rejoined the staff team as President, with a mandate to stir up the movement, reach as many men for Christ as possible, help produce resources and mentor new and existing evangelists to men. Working closely with Nathan Blackaby (CEO) and Steve Martin (Ops Director), we believe that we are on the cusp of seeing a significant acceleration of our work to reach men both in the UK and around the world.  

Please watch this short video of Nathan and Carl speaking about the future.  

If ever there was a time and a need to reach out to men, this is it!  We would be so grateful if you could cheer the team on in prayer and in financial support. In this next year, we have a new conference in development, several new resources and a growing and dynamic team of guys on the ground all over the UK. It would mean so much to us if you would be able to consider a monthly gift to help support us as we take bold steps of faith.


Expect to see more men’s groups, new evangelistic resources, more evangelists trained to reach your mates and an even greater gospel impact across the UK.


Give a regular gift


Thank you so much for your prayers, brotherhood, friendship and support. 
Let’s do this!


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