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Posted date: 30 Mar 2018


This year I travelled out to Lanzarote for CVM’s incredible sports week.

I wasn’t sure if it was really something I would enjoy as i don’t own much sports clothing so decided to buy a tracksuit then just wear that all week and work my way through the selection of eating establishments on site. 


When I got to Club La Santa along with the other 40 blokes (20 Christian fellas who had each brought a not-yet-believing mate with them) I was amazed at the place. After downloading the app I had booked myself in with others for a body pump session, a bike ride, stretch and relax classes, swimming lessons, kayaking and more. Lots more.


Each day we did our own thing or arranged to meet at certain activities and it was such a good laugh. 

In the evenings, we gathered together as the Bible was presented and, what it says about Jesus, unpacked with evidences and difficult questions explored. 


After that, we all met each evening to eat together, laugh and catch up on all the days fails and wins. For me, the CVM Lanzarote Sports week was incredible, not only because it’s like a paradise built on what looks like the surface of the moon! but because getting guys together to spend a week doing sport and exploring the Christian faith together like that is rare and it’s not Bible bashing, it just works. 


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