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Posted date: 24 May 2018


We’ve already had some churches/men’s groups get their name on some of our toilets and showers at The Gathering, through sponsorship. Would you name a bit of The Gathering 2018?

The Gathering 2018 festival for men is going to be bigger than ever. There’s more fun stuff than previous years, for the guys attending to have a go at or take part in. Of course, there’s Gospel ministry too, so they’re in for an amazing weekend, all with the ultimate goal of seeing men become followers of Jesus.

We never aim to make a profit out of The Gathering but instead try and invest, any money that comes in, back into the event. We’re always working to ensure fantastic value for the men attending. Therefore we’re, once again, asking you to stand with us and back the event by sponsoring a bit of it. Large or small.


Sponsorship ...

Once again, we have 2 categories of different sized sponsorship opportunities available:


Corporate sponsorship and advertising.
Ideal for: Organisations/businesses/charities/major donors.
Link to advertising and corporate sponsorship document


Friends of CVM sponsorship.
Ideal for: Individuals, men’s groups, churches, small businesses.
See list of smaller sponsorship ideas below


Your name in our printed programme ...

On the back of the success of last year’s first ever printed programme, we’re once again producing ‘The Everyman Guide to The Gathering’ that will be given to every attendee. Every sponsor will get a special mention in the programme.

You can also go one step further and advertise in the programme.

“Fellas, can't wait to see you at The Gathering this year, it’s going to be out of this world! As you know, we continually offer the delegates at TG great value for money and your backing is appreciated and essential in helping us do that. Sponsorship means we can deliver a quality event ...
By the way ... bring your best space-themed hat this year for Saturday evening.”
Nathan Blackaby, CVM CEO

Have a look at the list of items, if you can back one or more of them contact us:


Current sponsorship opportunities …

Free Fall Stunt Bag
£600 - TAKEN (Redeemer King Church)

Camera kit
£500 - Available
We want to capture everything that happens on stage and around the site as tools for sharing the gospel and publicity for future years.
Sponsor the camera equipment - £500

Skip sponsorship
£500 - Available
We’re not talking ‘jump rope’. To keep the site clear of rubbish, skips are a ‘must have’.
Sponsor the skips - £500

Chairs in Main Tent
£400 - Available
Sponsor all our chairs - £400

RAF flyby
£300 - TAKEN (Armed Forces Christian Union)

Table & chairs in Mess Tent
£250 - £450 - Available
Sponsor Mess Tent tables - £250

Sponsor Mess Tent chairs - £250

Sponsor tables & chairs - £450

Bibles for new believers
£TBC - TAKEN (Gideons)

Fire extinguishers
£400 - Taken (GDT Fire Extinguishers Ltd)

ATV buggy
£350 each - Available
There’s 2 of these onsite carrying out various duties and they both need to be named. As a sponsor you can name them, sponsor them and maybe even a chance to have a quick drive in one ... maybe.
Sponsor an ATV buggy - £350 each

8-lane Scalextric
£300 - Available
Feel the rush… albeit in miniature form.
Sponsor the Scalextric - £300

£300 - Available
You can help us move heavy stuff around the site by sponsoring the telehandler.
Sponsor our telehandler - £300

Toilets / showers
£100 - Available
1 x Shower TAKEN by ‘Men @ St John's
1 x Shower TAKEN by ‘Men caring for disabled relatives’
1 x Shower TAKEN by ‘anon’
1 x Toilet TAKEN by ‘anon’
2 x Toilets TAKEN by Men@TRBC
1 x Toilet TAKEN by ‘anon’

More available
Make a name for yourselves with all our delegates in one of the busiest areas onsite.
Sponsor a SINGLE shower or toilet cubicle - £100

Power Generators
£100 each - Available
Across the site we need a few of these to keep stuff switched on and running.
Sponsor a power generator - £100 each

Portable Floodlights
£90 each - Available
Well if you’ve ever stood in a field near Swindon at night, you’ll know why we need them.

Sponsor a set of portable floodlights - £90 each

Roadway Panel
£40 per panel - Available 
25 x Roadway Panels TAKEN by Charles James Financial Planning Ltd 
More available
Help us keep the traffic moving.
Sponsor a roadway panel - £40 each 

£20 each - Available
1 x Trackmat TAKEN by Roy Pope
More available
This is for the parts of The Gathering that see some of the heaviest footfall. We want to keep the field near Swindon the lush green that it normally is.
Sponsor a section of Trackmat - £20 each

To sponsor any of the above items contact us:
For bigger items that are available for sponsorship, please see our sponsorship document

*New Testament & Psalms


  • Hope
  • Global Adventure
  • Care
  • Restored
  • New Wine
  • Who Let The Dads Out?
  • Sorted
  • Armed Forces Christian Union
  • Naked Truth Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Faith within Fitness
  • Christian Golf Society
  • Mercy Ships
  • Frontiers
  • Engage
  • Mission Direct
  • Christian Police Association
  • The Message Trust