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Posted date: 23 Jan 2018


Inactivity Kills, leading people to Jesus...saves, says CVM Sports Consultant, Mark Blythe.

Two of our top goals in life could be leading people to Jesus and keeping people alive/healthy. The parkrun phenomenon is something that we could use to achieve both. There is no need to organise our own events when others are doing a great job already for us?


I know the CVM Team. I also know some guys can be quite competitive. Therefore, we’ve come up with a way that by encouraging folks to enter their local parkrun, they can be representing their CVM group and area. That means...

...CVM Area Co-ordinators will be in a League Table against each other!

What is a parkrun? It is an organised 5km run, jog or walk that takes place at 9am on Saturday mornings all around the UK and now the world. It is free to enter. The aim is to help folks get fitter, meet people, make friends. People run, walk, push buggies, take dogs etc. Everyone registers on  and then prints off their barcode (or buys a wristband with it on) to scan when they have finished the 5km. 


Mark Blythe, CVM Sports Consultant

Club CVM...

When registering you have an option to join a club; Choose the ‘Christian Vision for Men’ option! We will then see all entrants across the country and record them. People already registered can amend their profile and add CVM.


Three main reasons:

  • Spend time with your mates going to/from, running with and chatting after the parkrun.
  • Help them become fitter and healthier
  • Invite them to other CVM/Church events. 

Though achieving a good time for the 5km might be what some want to aim for, taking part and improving one’s health is an even better reason why many guys could have a go. Loneliness and isolation are big issues across our nations, being invited to an activity will be a real blessing to some in many ways. There are also volunteer marshal roles for those unable to walk 5km, a great way for all to be involved.

Just Do It!..

I’m sure there will be plenty of folks we know who already enter their local parkrun, this will be a great opportunity to find out, speak to, see and go deeper with contacts.


Mark Blythe

CVM Sports Consultant
Refresh Church Sports, Walking Football Co-ordinator and Chaplain.
Loyal Middlesbrough FC fan showing Biblical principles of faith, hope and believing in miracles!



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