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Posted date: 11 Oct 2017


"This is a hugely exciting opportunity to stand with CVM and change the face of the UK!”

Nathan Blackaby, Executive Director (Ministry)

At CVM we’re growing fast

The demand for sharing CVM’s vision of ‘Introducing men to Jesus and the church to men’ as well as resourcing and supporting existing men’s groups, gets bigger every day.

Big Fight

Men are still drifting away from church and, likely as not, God too.
However, when men meet Jesus or live a life with Him at the centre, it often transforms lives, families and communities.

Big Vision

CVM are totally committed to mobilising Christian men in the UK to win their mates into the Kingdom and believe it’s critical that every church and individual believer is aware of how strategically vital men’s ministry is.

‘Band of Brothers’ - Recruiting

CVM has always been a grass roots based organisation, encouraging men’s groups to start up and become a relevant, fun, challenging and safe environment for guys who wouldn’t normally consider walking into a church building. We’re making contacts with new churches and Christian men every week and many are sharing the vision and partnering with us, but we want to reach out to so many more

The only way we can do that is to have more blokes onboard!

CVM are looking for Area Coordinators across the country. Like so much of the voluntary work carried out by men who share our vision, the Area Coordinators role is self-supporting*, but one that is invaluable to the growth of God's Kingdom.
*(CVM can assist you with this).

Become an Area Coordiantor

Primary objectives:

  • To raise the profile of CVM within a town or area
  • To be the main point of contact for all CVM partnered groups and churches within the specified area

Secondary objectives:

  • To build a team to support and encourage you in your role
  • To mentor and encourage group leaders
  • To feedback to the national team ideas, best practice and suggestions for resources
  • To look for ways to generate income for CVM
  • To be on the lookout for new speakers for the CVM Speakers list

Will you join our band of brothers? Have you got a few hours a week?

To find out more and to get things started contact us with details of the area you could represent and we’ll be in touch.


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