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Posted date: 27 Sep 2017


Men’s group pay visit to a race. Positive conversations about faith with pork and apple burgers!

As so often the case in racing it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On Friday 22nd Sept I tested at Snetterton as the team prepared for a full race meeting on Saturday. With ministry guests coming to a race day BBQ, I was glad to be able to test the car in two sessions. Though initially a bit damp by the end of the day the sun was shining and the car was running smoothly as I chipped away at my times and lines.


I woke early on Saturday morning to gentle rain and was looking forward to getting out in qualifying at 9am… after all I was the only one who had practiced in similar conditions the day before! It was important to post a good time as both the day’s races were to start from the position achieved in the qualifying session. As I took to the track I was amazed at just how cautious most drivers were approaching the session and I began to move past my fellow competitors without drama. However, on lap two as I approached maximum revs at the end of Snetterton’s long straight my engine suddenly changed its tune and I knew that I had almost dropped a valve. I coasted to safety and was towed back to the pits at the end of the session.


Though it was all over for me on the track it was great to be greeted in the pits by members of the Hopton Church men’s group who had come in time to see the session and spend the day with us. It was a great reminder that the work we do is done by chatting to folks and visitors in the pits more than on the track, and I spent a good while talking with the guys visiting us and from our own race Formula. There were positive conversations about faith and church and a number of the general public came over to chat and take leaflets about the car, number 316 and our mission - pork and apple burgers and good tea/coffee are certainly great aids in mission!


This morning I took the cylinder head off the engine and we are now looking at our options. In reality the engine needs a rebuild and is a bit tired (it is not as described when we bought the car, but sadly that’s the way it often goes). So, we may not be able to do the two remaining events this year (Castle Combe on 7th Oct and Silverstone on 23rd Oct) as our funds are now depleted and won’t cover the cost of the engine work. We will think on this and pray as we look at possibilities and the wisest way forward… we do have groups booked in, so not an easy decision.


I’m pleased to say that even when we can’t race the car, ministry can and does go on, and I have a number of ‘Vintage Jesus’ talks lined up at breakfast meetings in the coming weeks.


Please pray with us as we plan and keep moving with the Good News. Thank you as always for your ongoing support.


Blessings in Him,


Alvin Davies

CVM Motorsports Coordinator



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