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Posted date: 12 Jul 2017


Newcastle’s ‘NE1’ classic car display event took place on the weekend of the 8/9 July and among those taking part was the ‘Vintage Jesus’ race team, fronted by CVM’s Motorsport expert, Alvin Davies.


NE1 is a huge open-access display that’s held on the picturesque central streets of the city.  The ‘Vintage Jesus’ team had one (Cooper T18) of four cars that were displayed as part of the stand of the newly formed (for the event) ‘St Luke’s Classic Car club’. St Luke’s is an exciting outreach run by Vicar Robert Ward and Alvin.


Alongside the ‘Vintage Jesus’ Cooper T18 was a 1939 Morris 8, 1973 Rover P6 and a 1991 Bentley Turbo R – all belonging to members or friends of St Luke’s. The event saw well over 200,000 people pass through it in two days. It was incredibly busy but rewarding. Most car displays were cordoned off, however, Alvin kept their area open and let kids and adults sit in the car to have their pictures taken and to experience the vehicles.


For two days, solid they had a queue to get into the Cooper!! In all, over 1200 people stopped and had their picture in the car as well as taking a leaflet home that had info on the cars, club and a Gospel presentation with follow-up details alongside.

“It was one of those times when a plan seems to be blessed and come together and we had amazing weather both days,” said Alvin.

“Incredibly, at the end of each day not even one of our leaflets could be found discarded on the ground. It was great to know that we had significantly added worth to them by being open and kind with ‘possessions’ in letting others enjoy the cars.”

Many parents asked for the leaflets before being offered them and were greatly appreciative of the St Luke’s team for letting their children in the cars. The prayer of Alvin and the team is that, as a result of their generosity in giving time and access to the vehicles, those who visited their display would read the tracts with open hearts and minds.


Once again, the Cooper got more attention than the other cars and worked the hardest on our stand. It really does open doors to conversations and brings big smiles to kids faces. It even appeared in a couple of pictures on Newcastle Chronicle’s ‘Live News’ site on Saturday night.


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