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Posted date: 8 Sep 2016


Gain a sports ministry degree and/or take your place on a ‘mission through sport’ trainee year with Scripture Union and Cliff College.

There is a new accredited diploma which can be turned into a degree with Cliff College with sports ministry as the focus. This is something Scripture Union (SU) has worked with them on and will be helping to deliver and there is still just time to register. This is for practitioners to think about what they are doing and why and it is rooted in the practical. Everyone on the degree/diploma will have the offer of support through SU in their local context.

There is a second option which we are going to trial this year. This would see an even more practical mission through sports trainee year where they take part in the attached but do not need to write the essays. This will be a SU certificate in Mission through Sport. SU will work with those interested to root them in local sports projects to give them a one year trainee year as part of the local church supported by SU. This is a trial and so placements will be limited. Maybe who know someone who wants to explore mission through sport in a local context.

This is an exciting development where we hope and pray we can see mission through sport grow and multiply.

Find more information here.
Use the above link and then click on ‘Certificate in Higher Education in Sport Mission and Ministry’

This can be done as a degree and validated or as a trainee year.


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