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Posted date: 18 Aug 2016


Have a look at our first entries. Do you have what it takes to stand among such esteemed company?

To those men who have run 26 miles 385 yards or longer, who have Toughed the Mudder, have cycled that mountain, have swam that expanse, who are not just men but are now ‘Iron Men’... who have sweated tears of exhaustion, carried gels of rejuvenation, suffered feet of pronation just so you could reach that goal, beat that time or go that distance and all the while doing it to raise funds for CVM...

At CVM we want to acknowledge the really hard work that some have invested, in taking on a challenge that tests every bit of their physical and mental capacity in order to financially support CVM’s goal of introducing 1 million men to Jesus. That’s why we’re inaugurating...

...the CVM Hall of Pain

All our supporters who have recently taken on a significant challenge* to raise money for CVM or are training to do so, can be listed in our Hall of Pain, along with their achievement and a link to their giving page so visitors to the CVM website can congratulate them directly by adding a few quid to their final total. Have a look at our first entries to the Hall of Pain.

Fancy having a go yourself?
There are loads of organised events out there that you can sign-up to and do. Alternatively, why not create your own event?

The Hall of Pain will list:
The participants who are raising money
The event they’re taking part in
A link to their fundraising page

1. Back those who have/are busting a gut for CVM
2. Shake a leg yourself and raise some funds to help us win 1 million men to Jesus

* We will leave it to your judgement (and conscience) as to what a significant challenge is but abstaining from fry-ups does not count!


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