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Posted date: 11 Aug 2016


Laurie Brokenshire is one of life’s achievers.

Life Member of The Magic Circle, entertained Royalty, swum the Channel, cycled more than once around the World, 30 years a submariner, headed up the UK Sea Cadet Corps, Royal Navy chess champion, fostered 68 kids, the 86th member of Mensa and owner of one of the biggest collection of puzzles in the World…to name but a few.


However Laurie was recently diagnosed as having inoperable, terminal brain cancer… but rather than sitting and doing nothing he (and his family) planned to do a swim.


Laurie loves swimming and is still doing his mile in the Solent nearly everyday. It’s been 30 years since he swam the Channel so he’s came up with this challenge:

The ABC Swim (A Brokenshire Clan Swim)

Sub-title: the 30 - 30 - 30 challenge


It’s his ‘30 years Channel swim anniversary’, it’s 30 miles from Fowey to Plymouth and he aims to raise £30k (or some big total with a 3 and a 0 in it).


On 6th August 2016, 8 members of Laurie’s family; (Laurie & Ethel, Sarah & Bobby, Matthew & Chloe and Phillip & Rosalie) collectively swam the 30 miles from Fowey to Laurie's home town of Plymouth to raise funds for 3 organisations. 2 other members of the family (Rachel & Craig) also swam in South Africa to add to the mileage.

They’re raising money to support Christian Vision for MenCare For The Family and Macmillan Cancer Support

Please support Laurie and his family in the ABC Swim by donating as much as you're able via this link


Please pray for a miracle of healing for Laurie. Doctors have given him less than a year. Pray also for his family.


Watch an interview with Laurie from this year’s Gathering.



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