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Posted date: 18 May 2016


On the last weekend in June this year, we’re expecting many posses of prospectors and herders to hitch up their critters and mosey on way out west (of Reading) to a field near Swindon.


As you can imagine, with so many varmints, rustlers and bounty hunters all gathering in one place, we’re going to need to establish some law and order. That’s why the local sheriff is wanting to swear-in some deputies, AKA Stewards, to help keep the peace dagnabbit!


If you’re trustworthy, law abiding and have nothing illegal in your saddle bags then you sound like the the kind of man worthy of the badge.


Go to your local telegraph office or flag down the pony express and get a message to us re your availability. Alternatively you can just email us or apply direct to be a steward via the website.


As a TG16 Steward you’ll get a massively discounted price on The Gathering and will be part of a great bunch of fellas helping deliver an awesome life changing event.

And though a TG16 Steward’s main role is to serve the other delegates for the duration of the event, successful applicants will be able to take part in pretty much all that’s on offer. And at a cheaper rate!


TG16 Stewards will get their own chef and catering area* for the weekend. You can even ask for beans. Also they’ll be a few new ‘items’ for 2016 to help your stewarding tasks along more efficiently.


The Gathering 2016

24-26 June 2016

Lynt Farm SN6 7QZ


Steward rate: £15 per person (+ £15 for food for weekend)
Standard rate: £95 per person until 31st May (£100 from 1st June)

Read more about stewarding

Contact the CVM office

*All meals provided for an extra £15


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