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Posted date: 11 Mar 2016


During February one of our Demolition Squad and co-contributor to CVM’s Ultimate Survival Guide, Jonathan Sherwin, was invited to answer tough questions of faith by Glasgow University CU as part of the  University’s Events Week. Have a read of his experience.

What a privilege it is to be able to talk about faith in public places! From the 8th - 12th February I was with Glasgow University Christian Union as they put on their ‘Events Week’. Every day that week tough questions of faith were discussed at the Queen Margaret Union at lunch-time gatherings. Christians invited their friends. Flyers were handed out on the streets. Interested people came along and asked questions, and many sandwiches were consumed!

Then, every night of that week, a larger event was held on campus where I had the opportunity to unpack some of the deepest desires of our hearts and see what Jesus has to say to each of them. Meaning, Purpose, Hope, Truth, and Love were discussed over those nights with great interaction through the following Q&A times after the talks. I believe that Jesus' answers to these questions that are within all of us are beautiful, unique, and wonderfully attractive. To be able to share the hope of the gospel and how it speaks to all people was a fantastic opportunity!

Having this opportunity to talk about these matters, and to discuss them - we talked about Truth in the Debating Chamber of the university! - was an honour. Glasgow is famed for being a friendly city and I found this to be true. Good questions from inquisitive people led to some signing up for follow-on events where they can explore the Christian faith through the Gospel of John. 

Please pray for the follow-on work to continue to speak to people and unveil the full beauty of the gospel. Please pray for the students and the staff who stepped out in faith during that week and continue to do so in their lives each day. Please pray for the amazing work of the international students ministry. I had one young lady from China come to me with questions about why Jesus is the only way to God. After chatting with her for a while she said had things to think about and that she hoped it would come clear to her. But she also said that the Christians she met have been so friendly that if she didn’t know them she didn’t think she’d have friends in Glasgow! She loves to meet, and to eat with Christians and looks forward to continuing that. What an amazing testimony of the hospitality of the Christians and the reflection of God’s love to others. Love may be our strongest apologetic and I’m confident that a Christ-like witness, where people show great love and respect, is both winsome and attractive.


Jonathan Sherwin


Find out a little more about Jonathan here


CVM’s apologetics book for men, The Ultimate Survival Guide, is available on the CVM website.

The CVM Demolition Squad have been seeking to provide robust, thoughtful answers to you share your faith and see your friends become followers of Jesus. Check out their blogs here...


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