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Posted date: 23 Feb 2016


During the Church of England’s General Synod debate on evangelism on Tuesday 16th February, Rev Mark Barker (St Stephen's, Tonbridge) quoted some stats that are found on the CVM website, emphasising the need to introduce men to Jesus and the massive impact that can have on families.

In his address he said:

“An area that is lacking in the report is out reach to men. You go onto the website of Christian [Vision] for Men, CVM, you’ll find some interesting statistics.

50% of men feel comfortable in a ladies underwear shop but only 33% feel comfortable in church.

The UK official statistics state that the church consists of 60% women and 40% men but at the current rate of loss by 2028 men will have all but disappeared from the UK the church.

they’ve done some other research as well...that 3.5% of the [time the] family will follow if a child comes to faith. If a mother come to faith, 17% of the time the family will follow...

...but if a father comes to faith, 93% of the time the family will follow.”

“Based on those statistics from CVM, I would ask the Evangelism Task Group to look at ministry to men, outreach to men. Because as CVM says, if you can ‘get the dad’ you get the whole family.”


Listen to audio of Mark addressing the General Synod here


Find out more about those stats here


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