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Posted date: 22 Feb 2016


Leaders of churches and organisations are warmly invited to the 4th National Symposium of the ENGAGE network in London on 9th March 2016: “Aspiring to Christian marriage? The vision and reality now and for future generations”

There’s a difficult choice for more than two million women in UK churches as they decide whether to date men outside the church due to a shortage of men in the pews.

The number of women exceeds men by two-to-one in the UK church according to recent surveys, so ENGAGE who are made up by a group of leading Christian organisations, have pooled their diverse expertise to help church leaders and Christians in general to actually tackle the issues.


The ENGAGE Network Vision: “To make singleness or marriage a genuine choice for all Christian women and men, through a church which is gender-balanced and teaches about healthy Christian singleness, dating and marriage.” 


How much do people of different ages understand and aspire to the potential of marriage between Christians?

How does this relate to our evangelism, discipleship and leadership?                                   


With input from national experts and discussion, this day will provide you with up-to-date information and research, as well as very practical ways to support those you lead.



Revd Nicky Lee - Keynote (Co-Founder, The Marriage Course, The Parenting Course)

Nathan Blackaby - Symposium Chair and Speaker (Exec. Director of Ministry, Christian Vision for Men)


Other Speakers:

Chine Mbubaegbu (Director of Communications, Evangelical Alliance)

Revd Will Van Der Hart (Pastoral Chaplain Holy Trinity Brompton, a Director of Mind and Soul)

Harry Benson (Research Director, The Marriage Foundation)

Jason Royce (Director, The Souster Youth Trust - Relationships education for young people)

Dr David Pullinger (Researcher/Author; a Director of

Revd Canon Dr Adrian Chatfield (Director of the Simeon Centre for Prayer and the Spiritual Life and  Tutor in Christian Life and Thought, Ridley Hall Theological College, Cambridge)

Annabel Clarke (Chartered Psychologist, Co-Chair of Engage Network)


1 man : 2 women ratio in the church  (Tearfund 2007, Evangelical Alliance 2012, YouGov 2014)

For men: massive need for more effective evangelism, discipleship and ways of doing church

For women: up to 2.4 million have to choose > stay single and childless, or marry a non-Christian?

For children: spiritual fatherlessness > only 11% of our grandchildren will have a Christian father & mother if current trends continue.


The ENGAGE network would very much like you to attend this Symposium, as this subject is a major challenge to the church in Britain today due to the church gender imbalance and limited teaching about healthy singleness, dating/relationships and marriage. The ENGAGE network has brought together key organisations to work on ways forward, and there is an increasing number of other people and groups who are keen to be involved in ongoing collaboration. Participants will include those working in the areas of Christian leadership, conference ministries, singleness, dating, marriage, parenting, youthwork, men’s evangelism and discipleship, research and cultural analysis.


Date: Wednesday 9th March 2016

Time: 9.30 – 4.30pm

Venue: Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ


Tickets are limited so please book ASAP

Book or find more information here.


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