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Posted date: 16 Feb 2016


We now have nearly all the final talk titles and speaker info for our day of quick fire short sharp talks.

Information on all our speakers and their talks is now available and remember...
...for 2016 we’re running TWO Quickfire days. One in the north (Derbyshire) and one in the south (West Sussex). PLUS - CVM Plymouth are also running a local Quickfire event.
(see bottom of page)

With 15min klaxon (and NERF gun) controlled talks, Quickfire ’16 north & south will, as ever, feature some excellent speakers fitting their best thinking into quarter of an hour each.

Both days will be informative, fun, relevant and, we believe, life changing. The content is created to inspire you in your walk with Jesus, share that journey with your mates with more confidence and tool you up to stand as men of God.

Quickfire ‘16: South - Sat 12 March
Crawley, West Sussex

Graham Kendrick - Men and Worship
Dave Hearn - Forging Men
Ron Bushyager - How to support your mate who’s struggling
Mark Chester - What makes a dad a great dad
Jason Royce - When prudishness passes for purity
Justyn Rees-Larcombe - Secret habits and their dangers
Mark Hutchinson - Doing Gods business in business
Nathan Blackaby - Faith and Fear

Find mini bios and more info here

Quickfire ‘16: North - Sat 16 April
Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Dave Hearn - Forging Men
Jonathan Sherwin - Sharing the truth in love
Mark Chester - What makes a dad a great dad
Jason Royce - When prudishness passes for purity
Justyn Rees-Larcombe - Secret habits and their dangers
Mark Tate - Men and Worship
Nathan Blackaby - Faith and Fear

Find mini bios and more info here

Timings for both days: 10.00-16.00
Price for each day: £25 (inc hog roast)

here’s also a locally organised Quickfire day in the South West of England.
Quickfire Sharper takes place in Plymouth on 30 April.
Plymouth Methodist Central Hall, Eastlake Street PL1 1BA
08.00 - 15.00

More information Quickfire ’16 South
More information Quickfire ’16 North
More information ‘Quickfire Sharper’ South West


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