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Posted date: 12 Feb 2016


The movie, ‘Captive’ that was released last year and starred Christian actor, David Oyelowo, has just been released on DVD.

Oyelowo is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors after his performance in ‘Selma’ where he played Martin Luther King.

David is a committed Christian who says his faith is “the cornerstone of my life” and he describes the film Captive as “a universal story that shows the power of a modern-day miracle.”

Included on the new DVD there is a ‘Faith and The Purpose Driven Life’ section, that could be used well in men’s groups etc. David Oyelowo talks personally about his faith in relation to being a husband and father. Fellow Christian and screenwriter of the film, Brian Bird is featured too.

Remember, this DVD can be used as part of a men’s group activity and you can access accompanying resources here.

Captive is based on the miraculous true story of Ashley Smith who made headlines around the globe when she talked her way out of the hands of Brian Nichols, after he took her captive for seven hours in her home. The event drew the attention of the entire nation; the dramatic, thrilling, and spiritual journey of Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols – see

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