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Posted date: 24 Feb 2016


We at CVM, were very excited to be offered a place at this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon. It’s always a great fundraising opportunity.

In the past we’ve had marathons run for us by our President, Carl Beech and our Director of Ministry Support, Steve Martin. Plus other members of the team have stepped up for the cause by swimming, cycling etc...

...but you know what?
We thought this time we’ll send a woman to do a ‘man’s job’!
Please don’t misunderstand us, we are well aware that marathon running is equally the domain of both men AND women. However when the offer was made to the CVM Team, the distinct sound of silence (with a bit of creaking) could be heard from the male contingent among us.

So while our blokes were umming and ahhing, Kirsty O’Mahony, CVM’s Web and Media Manager threw her hat into the ring.

As a result, she will be running the 26 miles 385 yards on Sunday 24th April, to raise money for CVM.

“I have decided to run the London Marathon to raise funds for CVM,” said Kirsty.
“CVM not only equip men to stand firm in their faith, but they also inspire more men to be the First Man Standing. That's more men standing up and speaking out against negative attitudes and violence towards women and we need more of that.”

You can sponsor Kirsty here.


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